Silver Franklin

A Silver Franklin is made up of 90% silver! Silver is becoming more scarce and the prices for silver continue to climb. Add in that Silver Franklin half dollars are valuable for their collecting appeal and you have coin that can’t be beat for investment value!

Silver Franklins were ignored for many years by collectors who preferred other more popular silver coins like the Morgan or Peace dollars. However, Franklin half dollars have become very popular with collectors in recent years giving rise in their collecting value.

Millions of silver coins were melted in the early sixties leaving fewer Franklin half dollars on the market. Another reason to buy! Franklin silver half dollars were minted between 1948 and 1963. While silver Franklins can be found for all of the years they were minted, there are some years that are more available than others. Quality and circulation can impact this coin more than some others due to the fact that the distinct lines on the obverse side Liberty Bell can be rubbed away fairly easily through use.

silver franklin